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Hello and thank you for your interest! My name is Mike Daniel and I am a professional baseball coach, former professional baseball player, and the Founder of PROStyle Watches. About the brand, the PROS in PROStyle stands for Prepared & Ready for Outstanding Success and through our products, we encourage our fellow baseball people to always believe and exude this mentality. Our watches represent the game we love so much and allow us to express our gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of baseball as players, coaches, parents, and fans. Regarding my custom design, the wood represents a wood bat and, of course, the white leather strap with red seams represents a baseball. I chose watches as the product to serve as a reminder of how precious time is, as we don't get it back. Therefore, we should have the utmost gratitude for every moment of our lives, and for every moment we get to be a part of this great game! Just as you set out to make a statement on the field, make a statement off the field, as well! Baseball is a lifestyle. Embrace it. Own it. Enjoy it. I wish you all the best in your baseball journey and in life!



Mike Daniel

Founder, PROStyle Watches



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